New Hope Academy Parents Take Active Interest In Mental Health

NAMI Bucks ETS Presents at New Hope Academy (Parent Presentation)

Original post: February 17, 2018

Presentation from February 15, 2018

Arguably one of our most rewarding Ending the Silence presentations was given to parents at New Hope Academy on Thursday evening.  Our ETS team was floored at the level of interaction, and genuinely touched by the response received.  They gave their typical student presentations, but added a few important pieces specific to parents.  There was applause from the audience, many questions, and a few tears.  Here are a few notable comments from parents who attended the event:

“They say about 80% of school funding from tax payers goes to security, guards, and police presence in schools.  If I could dictate where my educational tax dollars were spent, I would ensure that Ending the Silence presentations were given in every school across America to remedy the problems with school security, bullying, and mental health at the root.”

“High level intelligence or education do not predict mental health.”

“Mental Illness does not predict violence.”

“Take this on the road!  All schools, businesses, etc. need to hear about mental illness because of its prevalence in our society, country, and world at large.”

“This should be mandatory for all students, teachers, and parents everywhere.”

“I am floored, everyone should hear this.  I will be following and spreading the word.”

“Hopefully all schools will have NAMI presentations.”

“I liked how the presenters used music and art to help cope with their illness.”

“Brave.  So impressive.  Eloquent.  Inspiring.  Keep doing what you’re doing!”

“The raw honesty was refreshing.  Each presenter found ways to make their story universal.  Make it longer – for real!”

“‘The very things that we are bullied for end up becoming our greatest superpowers.’  Truth.”

“‘It’s okay if you don’t like me… Not everyone has good taste.’  Love this!  :)”

The NAMI Bucks ETS team can’t thank the parents and staff of New Hope Academy enough.  They are eagerly anticipating scheduled presentations for students at both the Yardley and Doylestown locations.

Event Photos

Rohan, Nick, and Laurie at New Hope Academy

Rohan, Nick, Laurie

Feedback from New Hope Academy Presentation


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