Mental Health Education at Holland Middle School

NAMI Bucks ETS Presents at Holland Middle School

Original post: March 2, 2018

Presentations from February 28 – March 1, 2018

Laurie, Rohan and Nick gave presentations to two large groups of students at Holland Middle School in Holland, PA on Wednesday and Thursday.  The team spoke about what it’s like to have mental illness, and conducted several exercises to help students understand what anxiety and other mental illnesses really feel and look like.  Laurie spoke about mental health education, treatment, finding help, and celebrities with mental health conditions; Rohan spoke about living with bipolar disorder and delivered two inspirational raps; and Nick spoke about his struggles with anxiety, depression, loss, and bullying.

Thank you to the students and faculty of Lenape Middle School, and Council Rock School District for their continued support.  We look forward to returning next year and seeing the school when construction is completed.

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Event Photos

Laurie, Rohan, Nick at Holland Middle School

Laurie, Rohan, Nick

Holland Middle School

Holland Middle School

Laurie Presenting at Holland Middle School

Laurie Presenting

Rohan Presenting at Holland Middle School

Rohan Presenting

Laurie, Rohan, Nick at Holland Middle School

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