Help Us to #CureStigma for Mental Health Month

Stigma Stole Time From Me

“Stigma prevented me from getting the help I needed for what turned out to be Schizoaffective Disorder until I was 26.

I’m Nick, and I have the best family anyone could ask for, but I knew something was wrong and I was afraid to ask for help. Everyone else

Stigma prevented Nick from getting help until he was 26.

Stigma prevented Nick from getting help until he was 26.

seemed to know that something was going on with me, but no one knew enough about mental illness to help me, including myself.

I was scared and making bad choice after bad choice. I was giving myself a bad look, and it wasn’t reflective of who I knew I was inside. I felt I was a burden and couldn’t get my act together, so I attempted to end my life by suicide.

With the help of my sister, who I thank God for every day, I finally got help and I now have a great life. I see a therapist and a doctor. I also work with NAMI Bucks County’s Ending The Silence team to speak to students about what they should do to get help if they need it so that they don’t have to go through what I went through. I didn’t know what mental illness was when I was younger, so this program is special to me. I wish someone came and talked to me in school to make sense of what I was feeling.

The moral of the story is: stigma stole time from me, and I don’t want that to happen to anyone else. Why? Because #YouMatter! People diagnosed with mental illnesses are not bad people, and getting help is responsible. Help us #CureStigma this #MentalHealthMonth at

Learn more about NAMI Bucks County’s Ending The Silence education program here, and STRIDE with us for Mental Health Awareness on May 12, 2018 at