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Family-To-Family: Mark Seltner and the Family Who Loved Him

Today we would like to honor the memory of Mark Seltner who passed away seven years ago on April 11, 2011. He was 45 years old. He is survived by a loving family including his wife of 22 years, Cynthia (Cindi), and two young sons, Shawn and Joshua.

Mark and his sons

Mark and his sons

Cindi said, “He was a man that loved mountains, nature, animals and us. He had bipolar disorder, and it got the best of him. So, today…if you knew him…think of a time he made you smile, laugh, or gave you the shirt off his back. Only good thoughts. If you didn’t know him, you will meet him in Paradise and see the man my boys and I loved dearly, without the disorder that took over our lives.”

“In 2000, after Mark’s suicide attempt, I went to a 12 week class by NAMI called Family-to-Family. I learned so much about mental illness…not just bipolar, but others. I met other wives dealing with mentally ill abusive husbands. I met parents and children with ill family members. It was very helpful and informative. It isn’t for the mentally ill person,

Mark with family

Mark with family

it’s for the one’s who love them. I’d encourage anyone to go. It’s raw, eye opening, real honest true to life examples of what we, the family members live with EVERY DAY. Even if the loved one takes their own life. My husband ended his in 2011. Our boys were 11 & 12. It was horrible. Years later, we still think of him, miss him, but can smile and laugh about fun and happy memories too.”

We asked Cindi if we could create a post to honor Mark, and those who love and support someone living with mental illness, and she said, “If it helps one person to know they can make

Cindi with her sons

Cindi with her sons

it through… absolutely, yes. If it helps one person to know how difficult it is to separate the

disorder from the person you love at times… absolutely, yes; and if it helps one person to realize that taking the NAMI Family-to-Family course is very helpful… then absolutely yes.”

Today and every day we at NAMI Bucks County work to support the supporters like Cindi, and end the stigma surrounding mental illness. Until there’s a cure, there’s NAMI.


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