Stopping Stigma at Unami Middle School

NAMI Bucks ETS Presents at Unami Middle School

Original post: February 14, 2018

Presentations from February 12-13, 2018

Four very interactive, attentive, intelligent, and well-behaved audiences of students listened to our Bucks County Ending the Silence team present ideas for ending the silence and stigma surrounding mental illness at Unami Middle School in Chalfont, PA.  All eyes were on Laurie Pepe as she delivered evidence-based facts about how mental illness actually affects school-aged youth, and on Nicholas Emeigh and Rohan Sharma as they told real life stories of what could happen if someone is too afraid to ask for help.  Nicholas (Nick) reads poetry and shows examples of cakes he has decorated to prove that life is still worth living – and can still be lived to the fullest – whilst treating a mental illness.  Rohan delivers an epic rap, and sometimes two if audience participation is satisfactory, to an auditorium full of applause and cheers after a very engaging presentation.  The most rewarding part, perhaps, was when the students themselves approached the team to not only thank them, but to relate to their stories by sharing some of their own struggles with bullying, anxiety, and depression.

The entire NAMI Bucks team would like to extend a warm “thank you” to the students and faculty at Unami Middle School.

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Event Photos

Rohan and Laurie at Unami Middle School

Rohan and Laurie

Rohan at Unami Middle School

Rohan Presenting

Laurie at Unami Middle School

Laurie Presenting

Laurie at Unami Middle School

Laurie Presenting

Unami Middle School

Unami Lobby

Nick at Unami Middle School

Nick at Unami