Rohan’s Poetry

Emerald Suppression
by Rohan Sharma

A young woman was running away
From a small village in Bangladesh
Having just lost the love of her life
Her close-knit heart, an untangled mess

Safa had a child-like innocence
Until now, her life a sack of dreams
Her joy swept away by a river
She felt would never go back upstream

Running, running, not knowing to where
Hoping to mend her forsaken heart
Wondering how life could bring such pain
After her dreams were taken apart

Now tired and at the edge of town
She encountered a curious scene
Having stumbled upon a small cave
Out of which glowed a furious green!

Vaguely recalling she’d been warned
This creature succumbed to her intrigue
Once inside, she saw along the walls
The most wondrous site her eyes did see:

An array of fluorescent murals
Endless and of fantastical scenes
Lines of indescribable beauty
Surely by supernatural means?

Suddenly her gaze met anothers
Those of a hermit of elder years
Her heart stopped as his brush ceased to move
The silence too much, she quelled her fears:

“Your art is Divine, I must say so
But if I may ask, how do they glow?”
Some say a smile crossed the old man’s lips
He uttered, “My child, only fate knows.”

“You asked your question, now I’ll ask mine
What plagues you that brings you to my lair?”
She burst forth with ineffable pain
How fate had shown her life was unfair

His eyes grew wide like he had a plan
“Come, you’re too young for a heart so sore.
I keep a bottle for souls like you,
Drink my elixir, feel pain no more.”

Her mind thought it too good to be true
But her heart felt nothing was amiss
Perhaps blinded by intense longing;
Longing only momentary bliss

Almost at once she downed the potion
Instantly her pain had gone away!
Where there was once misery, nothing
A miracle came upon this day

Tried to smile at the welcome numbness
But couldn’t as her heart turned to stone
A coldness worse than death had seized her
“What cruel trick is this??” she yearned to groan

Could not understand what had gone wrong
Why had she been cursed by this new fate?
Without sadness, there could be no joy
But of course she realized this too late

Descending to her personal Hell
She up and vanished without a trace
No footprints, no clues to where she went
Just a firefly about her place

Quickly the old man grabbed for a jar
And with no sign of making amends
Caught the fly to put with the others
And slowly started painting again…