Nick’s Cakes

Nick works with his good friend Melissa Flager and her business “Let It Be Sweet” to create fun, beautiful, and unique cakes.  Please note: this is not a business advertisement.  There is no link to a business.  If you are interested in a cake, please search the web for information.  This page was created because Nick speaks about his talents in his presentations, one being cake decoration, and students have asked to see his work.  He hopes you are inspired to pursue your own creative dreams.  “Your differences are your super powers!”

“Stranger Things” Birthday Cake

This was a request from a young man for a “Stranger Things” cake on his 9th birthday. The waffles, waffle “9”, waffle box, and Christmas lights are all made from fondant.  Nick painted the waffle box with edible paint, and the rest is just cake and icing. Click any image to enlarge.

Nick's "Stranger Things" Cake