Nicholas Emeigh

Nicholas (Nick) Emeigh

“Everything has two handles, one by which it can be borne and one which it cannot. If your brother sins against you, he says, don’t take hold of it by the wrong he did you but by the fact that he’s your brother. That’s how it can be borne.” -Epictetus

Nicholas (Nick) Emeigh is a published poet, artist, and web designer who lives and works in Bucks County. He attended Harry S Truman High School, Emerson College, and is currently pursuing a degree in social work with aspirations of becoming a therapist. Having had plenty of experience with mental health and addiction as an adolescent and young adult, Nick joined NAMI of PA, Bucks County’s Ending the Silence team as a speaker/presenter in the fall of 2017. He is passionate about sharing his story and works to ensure that those with shared experiences do not feel the shame and stigma he experienced. If he could sum his presentation up in just a few words, those words would be, “it’s okay to not feel okay.”

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