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Lead by Coordinator Laurie Pepe, Bucks County Ending the Silence consists of a talented team of young adult presenters who deliver personal experiences and messages of hope to students in the Bucks County school system.  We are committed to ending the silence and stigma surrounding mental illness.  We have posted biographies, stories, photos, poems, raps, and other media to the site.  Students, teachers, parents, and residents will see that our team is an example of what can be achieve

Would you like to host an ETS presentation?  You can now request/schedule a presentation or view scheduled presentations online.  Did you recently host an ETS presentation?  We would love to hear your feedback.  You may also leave feedback for individual presenters.

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Laurie Pepe
Rohan Sharma
Nicholas Emeigh

Laurie Pepe, ETS Coordinator Rohan Sharma, ETS Presenter Nick Profile
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