Program Testimonials


Thank you so much for coming and meeting with our students! They (and we) really appreciate your time and the love you put into your work.


Laurie Zila
Newtown Middle School
Council Rock School District


We just wanted to thank you, as well as Nick and Rohan, for coming to Palisades.  Your presentation is so valuable to our students and we are very appreciative. We will be in touch to set up presentations for the spring soon.

Thanks again,
Chris and Lauren
Chris Hastie and Lauren Rood
Palisades School District


On behalf of the fun camp, we would like to thank NAMI for speaking to our campers about mental health. We really enjoyed all of the presenters and presentation. The children were so attentive and asked so many questions. On top of that, there were various highlights in your presentation such as, M&M Feelings Activity, Discussion Questions, NAMI Man, Rohan’s personal story and rap. We appreciate you making time for us in your busy schedule! On August 10th, we will have a showcase at 11 am.  During our showcase, the campers will present what they have learned throughout the summer. If your schedule allows, we would love for you, NAMI Man & team to join us on this day.

Thank you once again!!

Chrissy McKinney
Venice Ashby Community Center
Summer Fun Camp


Thank you so much for coming out this week.  Our kids and school are a better place because of the education you and your staff have provided for them.  I have seen the program really evolve over the years and we are so thankful to have it here at Tamanend.  I sincerely appreciate you sharing your stories and the content of the presentation with the classes.

Mike Schaefer
Tamanend Middle School


Thank you for taking the time and presenting to our students.  I know that it impacted many of our students in a positive way.  They know now that they are not alone and there is help out there for them!  I have to say that we have been getting a lot of positive feedback from the students.

Thanks again,

Lisa B. Wagner
Pennridge High School