Art For Mental Health: Written To Speak







“Every day is a battle.

And I know it isn’t an easy one to fight.

I know anxiety has 8 legs and it crawls seeking to end.

I know depression has the strength of a hundred.

I know regret is a blinding pain and the screams of guilt are deafening as they are silent.

And I know some days it’s tempting to leave this all behind.

To leave the pain and fear.

To step away from the mountains you are tired of climbing.

But your mountain is not meaningless.

What you are going through does not define or describe you.

Your mountain is an invitation to stay and climb.

And struggles like mountains were not made to be climbed alone.

And you were not made to climb alone.

We were made to climb together and so we will.

We were made to be together for each other.

We were made to stay.


Stay for tomorrow.

Stay for what is to come.

You were made for more than yesterday.

You were made to live and living is a hard thing, but being alive is a good thing.


Staying here together is better than leaving alone.


(and write like you’re not done living 💚)

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Tanner Olson

Written to Speak is a writing project created by Tanner Olson.

Tanner Olson is a writer, storyteller, and spoken word poet who seeks to help, spread hope, and announce love through written and spoken word.

He has spoken at multiple universities, organizations, camps, classrooms, and churches.

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