Rohan Sharma


Rohan Sharma is a young adult speaker for the Ending the Silence program. Diagnosed as a Bipolar Type 1, he had a manic episode his first year of medical school which resulted in him committing a crime and subsequently having to do twenty-three months in jail. It was during this time Rohan read a multitude of self-help books, which ignited his passion for mental health. He now shares his story with middle and high school students as an example of what happens when you don’t speak up and get help for your mental health issues.
Aside from reading self-help books, Rohan also learned to express himself in jail through poetry and rap. He now has a Youtube Channel under the name “Rx Mundi”. In addition to this, he is also documenting his narrative in an upcoming book titled “Searching For Magnanimity”. For more on his story, check out his interview featured on the website.