Raighne Kirk

William Raighne Kirk, Secretary

William Raighne Kirk

William Raighne Kirk

Stigmas effect individuals of all ability levels. It is my goal to be apart of community advocacy and support for both Mental Health and Special Education needs.

As a family member of a person with manic depression, I saw first hand how NAMI programs helped peers and family members. NAMI provided resources and Peer-to-Peer/ Family-to-Family training when my parents were ready to share their stories and support others. My contributions to NAMI Bucks County, PA include volunteering at a Sunday Drop-In-Center (6 years), member of the Board of Directors since 2012, initiated Ending the Silence presentations (2013-2014) and appointed secretary of the Board in January of 2018.

Academic achievements have led me into the field of Special Education with a Liberal Arts Degree (St. John’s College, 2002), employment in the Central Bucks School District since 2003 and teaching certification culminating in M. ED Degree from Temple University (2017).

To enhance my reach in the community, I provide recreational activities through the Abilities Program at the Central Bucks Family YMCA, I have mentored through Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Bucks County, and I sing in the Bucks County Choral Society.

Such Non-Profit fields encourage acceptance that is growing nationwide, and I am proud to be a part of NAMI Bucks County, PA.